How’s that wedding budget coming along?
We understand the dream wedding can add up, big time. We also understand how important those dreams are. 
That’s why we’ve debunked some of the prettiest decorations spotted at the most beautiful weddings to give you a budget-friendly take on wedding décor.
Get those paintbrushes and glue guns out future-brides. Let’s get crafty.

Gold Tip Feathers
Remember the traditional releasing of the doves after the bride and groom locked lips? Yeah, no body does that anymore. 
Keep the old folks happy with this funky take on love, purity and commitment.
String gold dipped feathers around the ceremony ceiling or backdrop for a bohemian glam touch.
Simply paint the tip gold and add some glitter while it dries. Tie cotton thread to the ends and decorate away.
A little birdy told us they also look gorgeous bunched in vintage jars as a creative centrepiece, or even attached to name cards for a feather-finish to your decorating scheme.
Sparkle Branches

Transform your reception into a mystical oasis with glowing branches. These sparkling beauties make the most stunning chandeliers, and they’re so easy to do.

All it takes are some string lights wrapped around a big branch. Trust us, they look better than they sound!
Place them in a vase, hang them from the ceiling or simply lay them across the table for an Insta-worthy centrepiece.
Mix and Mingle
DIY bars are BIG this wedding season.
More couples are avoiding formal sit-down dinners in favour of relaxed eats and more socialising. 
If you’d like your guests to mingle (and drink) more, set up an interactive food and/or drink station.
It could be a whisky-tasting table, fruity cocktail station or a DIY taco spread.
That counts as décor, right?
Tropical Leaf Name Card
When it comes to weddings, the more foliage the better.
A simple way to add some greenery to your reception is by creating hand-drawn name cards on a leaf.
Pick out a few healthy and fresh leaves and use a white, silver or gold paint pen to handwrite each guest’s name. Place them on the napkin or lay over the plate where they’re allocated to sit.
Check out this calligraphy tutorial to make your handwriting next-level beautiful.
Copper Pipe Centrepiece
Consider yourself a handywoman? Impress guests with this industrial-style copper pipe centrepiece.
This project requires a lot more tools, time and attention to detail, however the final product is well worth the effort.
Perfect to hold candles, flowers or foliage – it also makes a great talking point, especially when you mention you made it yourself!
Get the full tutorial here.
Golden Dipped Balloons
If you think balloons may be more suited to a 3-year-olds birthday party, think again.
Golden dipped balloons make a beautiful addition to your wedding day as they effortlessly float around the room.
Grab a helium tank, a few pearl white balloons, string, gold liquid leaf paint and a paintbrush.
Once you’ve blown up and tied the balloons, simply hold them upside down and paint long strokes of gold liquid leaf from the bottom to half way up the balloon.
How easy is that?

Tassel Garlands
Sometimes the most simple of decorations are the most effective.
If you remember making tassels at primary school, you’ll understand how ‘simple’ we’re talking.
All you need is some tissue paper, ribbon and scissors.
Fold a piece of the tissue paper in half. Cut thin strips towards the fold around 3cm uncut at the fold line.
Unfold the tissue paper so you have both sides with fringe and 3cm either side of the fold line.
Roll tightly down the middle fold line so it looks like two tassels are forming either side. Half way down, fold in half and twist to create a loop for hanging. Continue rolling till the tassel is created.
Once you’ve made a few tassels, string them through the ribbon and hang around the room.
Cork Sign
Let’s be honest, in the lead up to the big day, a lot of wine will be consumed.
From the engagement party, hen’s weekend and even after a very stressful day of wedding planning – wine will happen. 
So why not reuse the corks for your special day?
Trace out a word you want to put on show on some craft paper and hot glue the corks on top. 
Some cool cork sign examples are; BAR, LOVE, or the bride and groom’s initials.
Bottoms up!
Pretty Napkins
Renting napkins just feels so OTT. Seriously, napkins?
Give that idea the flick and buy plain white napkins in bulk.
Add your own personal touches with delicate embroidery thread. Think twigs and herbs, soft florals or double it as a party favour and customise for each guest by sewing their name.
Photo Wall
You want everyone’s Instagram snaps of your big day to look double-tap worthy. 
It’s a good idea to add a photo wall. Create a nature-inspired backdrop with four wooden pallets, some foliage and flowers for a burst of colour.
Just line two pallets against a wall and add the other two on top to create a large square shape. Be sure to nail the pallets together to avoid mid-photo falls.
Lastly, intertwine vines, leaves and flowers and boom – you’re photo ready.