Founded in 2017 by Stephanie & Lisa, es+elle is an online store specialising in personalised planners and keepsakes and is all about creating products with a luxurious feel. Each product has been made for the customer to enhance es+elle's designs to their own taste. The line is able to be personalised with names, initials or even a special message.

Stephanie & Lisa created the brand as they wanted to offer an experience like no other, they wanted to share their knowledge in planning, bring organisation into busy lives while creating an unforgettable experience in the process. The pair understands the importance of planning and are dedicated to all the information you need and a special keepsake.

Meet Stephanie:
Co-founder of es+elle, planner and a go-getter, Stephanie loves to take notes and keeps herself accountable. Gym lover, Virgo-sun and a realist who is passionate about dancing under the stars, chasing the sun and travelling the world, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Meet Lisa:
Co-founder of es+elle, Lisa loves ticking things off a list and getting things done. Free spirit, dreamer, coconut latte lover who is passionate about loving life’s magical moments. Loves to travel, a huge foodie – adores wine and wineries by winter and soaks up the sun by the beach in the summer.

Together es+elle are vivacious and positive, planners, note takers, to do list writers and lovers of their es+elle brand.